Rediscovering Sanctuary – Sainte Chapelle

Upper Entrance to Sainte Chapelle
Upper Entrance to Spiritual Tardis
Lower Exit of Sainte Chapelle
Floor that grounds us on our journey
High Altar where “Crown of Thorns” was Placed (prior to its removal to Notre-Dame Cathedral)
High Altar Close View
Blue Portal
Red Portal
Mixed Color Portal
Orange Portal
Wall of Portals
Rose Portal
Rose Portal Detail
Rose with Wall Portals
Rose Portal
Dome Portals Lower Level of the Chapelle
Space/Time Portal
Ceiling Crossing
Interior Art
Wall Art
Images of Castles
Noah’s Ark
Judgement or Sanctuary for Insight and Re-visioning our Lives

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Dr Jacinto is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice working with nursing home clients. having completed an PhD in Social Work at Barry University, MSW degree from Florida State University, MEd degree from College of Idaho, and BS degree from California State University Fresno. He retired as an Associate Professor from the University of Central Florida School of Social Work in 2016. Dr. Jacinto was also an Associate Professor at Arkansas State University, St. Leo University. His focus of research has been in the area of spirituality and social work, Alzheimer's caregivers, LGBT issues, long term care, and macro social work.

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