Use of Self in Practice

This page serves as a resource for presentation on the Use of Self in Practice. I have attached two videos used in the presentation from my YouTube Channel. The objectives and competencies for the presentations are as follows:

Participants will be able to:

1. Discuss the use of Deliberate Practice

2. Develop an integrated practice theory

The use of Self in Practice and Deliberate Practice

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Clinical Social Work Practice

Participants will be able to:

1. Develop a rationale for their diagnosis of a client

2. Construct goals and objectives that are consistent with diagnoses

3. Formulate an appropriate treatment plan

Helpful References

Attached is a list of relevant references.

Deliberate Practice and Feedback Informed Practice Slide Discussion

Two Resources mention in Presentation

The 6-CIT is an instrument I use in practice. It is easier to use than the MSE with clients who are in a nursing home. Optum Insurance is the first page and the second page has some references to research on the 6-CIT in practice.

Dr Scott Miller developed the Session Rating Scale and Outcome Rating Scale and offers CEs to assist in providing practitioners with competency to use it. I believe the current certification program is called FIT.

The Secrets of Supershrinks: Pathways to Clinical Excellence

An article by Scott Miller and colleagues from the Psychotherapy Networker

I have uploaded this article as a resource. It offers some interesting ideas about clinical work with clients. This offers some examples of how Deliberate Practice can enhance your competencies. You may want to seek a Qualified Supervisor who focuses on Deliberate Practice for your supervision for licensure.

I offer a link here to Scott Miller’s FIT Academy FYI

Click on link to access Academy:

K Anders Ericsson (of Florida State University) Deliberate Practice Talk at 2018 Achieve Clinical Excellence Conference

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