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2022 Social Work Conference PowerPoint Slides

1. Labyrinth in Mutual Aid Group Work [YouTube Video]

The video provides the rationale for including the labyrinth in Mutual Aid Group Work, theoretical underpinnings, and an overview the seven weekly sessions.

Outline of Seven Week Labyrinth Mutual Aid Group

2. Handouts for Group Members

During the groupwork sessions there are five process handouts that are presented here. 1. Somewhere Along the Road helps situate the members in the present moment of their lives. This will assist in framing their current situation using the metaphors on the worksheet and additional one’s they may want to discuss. 2. My Strengths: Members in the first week of the group list their own understanding of their strengths, and keep the form to bring to the last session of the group. The closure activity may be informative to members about what they think their strengths are, and over time how others perceive the members strengths. 3.Labyrinth Walk Notes. This page is a place for members to document their experience in the labyrinth. They will jot down key ideas and notes documenting their discoveries. 4. Art Expression-Current Period Snapshot. Members draw a picture of their Miracle Vision that came to them during their reflection. 5. Conversation with the Self process sheet. This allows members to dialogue with their Miracle Vision and seek insight about the necessary steps to reach their goal. Click on the Link Below to copy the worksheets.

3. Paper Finger Labyrinths for use in Mutual Aid and Other Groups

In the file there are several paper finger labyrinths that might be used. The first three Classical examples may be the easiest to finger walk. The others may require using the non-ink end of a pencil or writing pen to negotiate the labyrinth. If you want to use plastic labyrinths there are a range of single labyrinths and products at available for purchase.

Click on the Download link to print the finger labyrinths.

4. 7 Circuit Labyrinth Seed Pattern

For adventurous group workers the seed pattern is a way to have group members make their own Finger Labyrinth. The pattern is on page one and the directions on how to draw the labyrinth are on page two.

5. Inspirational Words

The inspirational words are placed on a label page. You might cut the words into uniform pieces of paper and place them in a container that your members will use to draw them out. You might have 3 x 5 cards to have the members write their Inspirational Word to take with them.

6. Brief History of the Labyrinth

Labyrinth and its History: A Brief Overview

7. Social Work Theory and Practice Antecedents to Mutual Aid Group Work – YouTube Video Coming Soon

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