La Sagrada Familia

Sacred Sanctuary Comes Alive with Music, Song, and Dance

After viewing the video reflect on your feeling and insights while watching the flow of pictures, music, singing, and energy?

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Dr Jacinto is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice working with nursing home clients. having completed an PhD in Social Work at Barry University, MSW degree from Florida State University, MEd degree from College of Idaho, and BS degree from California State University Fresno. He retired as an Associate Professor from the University of Central Florida School of Social Work in 2016. Dr. Jacinto was also an Associate Professor at Arkansas State University, St. Leo University. His focus of research has been in the area of spirituality and social work, Alzheimer's caregivers, LGBT issues, long term care, and macro social work.

3 thoughts on “La Sagrada Familia

  1. Spectacular! The attention to detail and meticulous artistry is truly a testimony about the passion and adoration the builders, sculptors, painters, and architects held for the Holy One. The expression on Lord Jesus’ face as He grasps the pillar – all human strength quickly excited his body, but the will of the Holy Spirit propels Him.
    Inside, indeed, the pillars do resemble tree-like structures – just as grand as the giant redwoods you’ve visited, George.
    Ah, Amazing Grace sang so divinely… and her gown…I love it! I can go on, and on. Thank you for sharing this blog! Keep them coming!!!

  2. George, Having been off line for a few days I just now arrived home to find this spectacular post! The array of photos and text are so inspirational and uplifting. I especially liked the blue and green colors in the windows and noticing the number code in the number square … 33 of course for the earthly age of Jesus.

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