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La Sagrada Familia – August 26, 2022

Sagrada Familia adds new definition to sacred space. Since visiting in 2015, I often reflect on its beauty and the sense of the numinous presence that pervades the sacred ground upon which it is built. This is a true place of sanctuary in our world. It allows one to experience grounding upon the earth while being able to intend the non-local transcendent realms of consciousness in the great beyond.

La Sagrada Familia Link – August 24, 20022 – La Sagrada Familia

National Steinbeck Center – July 2022

We live in a time of conflict. There is a famine of critical consciousness in the world. This led me to visit the National Steinbeck Center and John Steinbeck’s grave. Where is John now we need him? We ae fortunate John is a light across time with a message for all ages through poignant memorable stories.

National Steinbeck Center Link – July 2022 – National Steinbeck Center, Salinas July 2022

Rediscovering Sanctuary: Sainte Chapelle -July 4, 2022

Rediscovering Sanctuary that is both of this world and of nonlocal conscious reality. Reflecting on my visit to Sainte Chapelle in 2004, I realized this stunning stained glass treasure is filled with sacred portals. Sanctuary is both grounded on the earth plain and present in nonlocal consciousness that we have used for years in our meditation or prayer states. I felt embraced by a numinous presence in Sainte Chapelle like the energy I experienced in a Redwood Forest years ago.

Rediscovering Sanctuary -Sainte Chapelle Link – Rediscovering Sanctuary – Sainte Chapelle

Havana Excursion – June 2022

In December 2019 we arrived at Havana on an MSC Cruise in the Caribbean. We went on a tour of the city in a vintage car, and then walked around the main part of the city located near the Cruise Port. The locals were friendly and we were not met with pressing crowds of people selling their goods as in other ports in the Caribbean. We felt safe and engaged in pleasant conversations with city residents. The cars of my childhood and adolescence were in remarkably good shape. The Tropicana Nightclub was a highlight of the trip. It was part of an MSC excursion experience. The food was good and the entertainment most memorable. Great singing, music, and dance on a massive stage in the outdoors under the tropical stars.

Havana Excursion Link – June 22, 2022 Havana Excursion

Italian Journey – June 12, 2022

As I began this journey I realized I had entered a crucible of tension in religious history. One must ask: How did we get from the Gospel of Peace shared by Christ to Crimes Against Humanity when the church gained political power (e.g., realities such as inquisitions, genocides, papal bulls that created slavery and domination of nations to pillage and rape resources)? The Inquisition was not abolished until the 19th Century, and more recently Catholic Church clergy participation in the Rwanda genocide of 1994. I realized the beauty of some of the art was a distraction, or alternative faux reality, the result of more sinister intentions. The following is a photo essay of the high points of the trip including special memories of the experience, juxtaposed against the Light and Shadow of human nature.

Italian Holiday Blog Link – June 12, 2022 – Italian Journey

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