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Havana Excursion

In December 2019 we arrived at Havana on an MSC Cruise in the Caribbean. We went on a tour of the city in a vintage car, and then walked around the main part of the city located near the Cruise Port. The locals were friendly and we were not met with pressing crowds of people selling their goods as in other ports in the Caribbean. We felt safe and engaged in pleasant conversations with city residents. The cars of my childhood and adolescence were in remarkably good shape. The Tropicana Nightclub was a highlight of the trip. It was part of an MSC excursion experience. The food was good and the entertainment most memorable. Great singing, music, and dance on a massive stage in the outdoors under the tropical stars.

Vintage car
Our tour car
Royal Purple
Parking lot
Tropicana Nightclub
Figure at the Tropicana Nightclub
Entrance to Tropicana Venue
Dance – open on your computer to play the video
Great energy
Short video of singer
Brief video
Great Energy
Full Stage
Lively dance – open on your computer to play video
Exiting the show
Passed Fort when leaving Havana
Lighthouse farewell
Reflecting on the visit to Havana
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