Anger Resolution

Anger is a powerful emotion that, if unresolved, may be the seed plot of physical and emotional illness.  Anger could be analogous  to a volcano when cumulative anger incidents lead to rage. Sometimes we may be the brunt of anger greater than an incident required. There may be many unresolved incident of anger in a person’s life over many years.  Emotional and physical wounds that come from incidents that lead to anger may entrap a person in a negative view of the world. 

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg developed Nonviolent Communication (NVC) techniques that assist us in working through anger, while at the same time gaining insight into our inner workings. When we recognize we are angry we have not had our most basic needs met in an exchange with another person. The first video is a brief overview of Dr. Rosenberg’s work and how the four NVC concepts may assist in the understanding and resolution to one’s anger. 

The second video provides a number of tools that might be used individually or grouping them in a journal assisting those working through anger. 

NonViolent Communication Basics

Additional Anger Resolution Resources

 Nonviolent Communication and Anger Workbook 

NVC and Anger Workbook

Nonviolent Communication and Additional Anger Resources PowerPoint

NVC and Additional Resources

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