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2019 Florida NASW Conference Handout

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This workshop overviewed the use of the Labyrinth with various psychotherapy approaches including Reality Therapy, REBT, SFT, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, CBT, Logotherapy, Trauma Focused Therapy and Groupwork. Participants observed and practiced using the labyrinth and a fusion of therapies selected by each participant. Below the poster is the handout for the workshop. Along with the PowerPoint presentation there is a practitioner self-care personal reflection exercise that facilitates a dialogue with one’s successful self. Additionally, there is a one page article titled: The truth about what works in psychotherapy (Klostermann, Mignone, Mahadeo & Papagni, 2019). The article was taken from:

2019 Florida Social Work Conference Handout

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2018 Florida Social Work Conference Handout

Additional Forgiveness Worksheets

Articles about Forgiveness

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2008 Supervision of Clinical Social Work Student in Field Placements

2008 Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice

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Participant Handbook Cover

2004 Florida Social Work Conference

An introductory workshop in the use of the labyrinth in Social Work Practice
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